Our Teachers

Harpreet Pandher
Vice Principal
Chetna Bhatia
English Teacher
Maths, Science Teacher
Maths Teacher
Saruchi Jain
Computer Teacher
Social Science Teacher
Mother Teacher
Music Teacher
Kavita Kumari
Kg Wing Teacher
Jasvinder Devi
Kg Wing Teacher
Sharanjeet Kaur
Art Teacher
Kg Wing Teacher

I am working as a mother teacher of nursery class in RBIS. As I have already taught in different colleges, so I was more than little worried. I have always loved children especially kindergarten. So I was very excited. At first, it was incredibly difficult for me to figure out what I should do for everyday, but with time, the process got a little bit easier, and I started getting more creative with the lessons. My first teaching experience in school taught me a lot about what it means to be a teacher and a lot about myself, as a future educator.

Mother Teacher

I joined RBIS as a clerk but now working as a primary wing mother teacher. The initial days in the school were very challenging. Everyday new task was assigned to us. I wasn’t even sure if I was cut out to be a teacher, and second of all, the thought of watching and teaching a bunch of rowdy seven year olds was overwhelming, to say the least. I feel blessed for having got this chance of working in a wonderful working environment.

English and Science Teacher

A good school is full of students that not only ask great questions, but do so with great frequency and ferocity…RBIS is a dream school for students as well as teachers where not only academics is taken care of but also all other co-curricular skills for growing all-rounder best students. It’s my immense pleasure to work in such an amazing institute where we are teaching and learning in great environment. I want to thank our admired Principal Sir and Vice-Principal Ma’am for trusting us and giving us opportunities in this institute.

PT Teacher

RBIS is place where all students are getting actual knowledge. We have many fun sessions and practical sessions to understand subject concepts. We help our students to lay the cornerstones of their lives, guiding and shaping them gently.