Library is a place where we sit and study. It is a window that opens the minds of people. It is a sought of knowledge provider that help us to understand the things. It consists of books that are the only companion when we are alone. It is a place from where we can get the information about any topic. It consists of Encyclopedias which give latest knowledge about the world. It is a place that is free from noise. It is a peaceful area where we can sit and concentrate on things.

Rayat Bahra International School has created and designed library to serve and support the educational activities of school. Our library contains books on latest knowledge that help in improving the results of school as well as the knowledge of students can also be increased. Our library will help the student to prepare for their school exams and competitive exams. It is helpful in developing reading skills, learning skill, creative thinking, and imagination among the students and inculcate in them moral values.

Library includes different categories of books such as General Books, Text books, Reference books. It consist of Audio-visual aids, games and models, Maps, Atlas, Globe, Pictures (drawing, painting, Photographs, Quotations).

The library environment plays a very important role. In RBIS it is made comfortable by providing space and peaceful environment. It is airy and clean.