Development of physical strength of the students along with the overall growth is brought out by the value-laden sports and games programmes. Students develop qualities like leadership, healthy sportsmanship and loyal teamwork. We offer various outdoor games to students such as football, badminton, volleyball, basketball, cricket etc.

Sports Achievements


  1. Inderpal Singh 5th B(Bronze Medal 3rd Position)
  2. Arman Singh 5th B (Silver medal 2nd position)


  1. Karanveer Singh 7th (Silver 2nd position)
  2. Sukhvir singh 6th (Gold 1st Position)
  3. Tushar Chaudhary 6th (Bronze Medal 3rd position)
  4. Gurdeep Singh 5th A (Silver medal 2nd position)
  5. Harjot Singh 5th A (Bronze medal 3rd position)
  6. Prithviraj Chauhan 5th A (Silver medal 2nd position)
  7. Tanishq Sehgal 5th A (Bronze Medal 3rd position)
  8. Lavanya 7th (Bronze medal 3rd position)


  1. Laganpreet Kaur 7th (Gold 1st position)
  2. Mannat 5th A (Silver 2nd position)
  3. Kanchan Sahota 5th B (Bronze medal 3rd position)


  1. Astitav Sharma 7th (Gold 1st position)
  2. Piyush Sethi 7th (silver 2nd position)
  3. Manpreet Singh 5th A (Bronze medal 3rd position)
  4. Harmanjot Singh 6th (Bronze medal 3rd position)


  1. Aditi Saini 6th (Bronze medal 3rd position)
  2. Manya Bajaj 6th (Silver medal 2nd position)
  3. Bhoomi 6th (Bronze medal)
  4. Harmanjot kaur 6th (Silver medal 2nd position)
  5. Lovepreet kaur 7th (Silver medal 2nd position)
  6. Amardeep Kaur 7th (Silver medal 2nd position)
  7. Harpreet kaur 6th (Silver medal 2nd position)
  8. Sifty Kaur 5th A (Silver medal 2nd position)
  9. Kulveer Kaur 5th A (Silver medal 2nd position)

Open National Level Karate Championship

  1. Laganpreet kaur 7th (Gold Ist position)
  2. Harshita 4th (Silver medal 2nd position)