Given below are answers to the most commonly asked questions about the school:-

  1. How is the Rayat Bahra International School, Hoshiarpur different from other school?
  2. What curriculum does the school follow?
  3. What are the timings for the school?
  4. Does the school have boarding (residential)facilities?
  5. What does the student teacher ratio in the school?
  6. When should I submit an application for admission?
  7. Do I need an appointment to visit Rayat Bahra International School?
  8. What is the teacher student ratio in the school?
  9. Is there a policy for offering admissions to siblings of students in school?
  10. How should my child’s confidential recommendations be submitted?
  11. What are the next steps once the application is submitted?
  12. What is the current waiting list for all the year groups?
  13. What is the age criterion for admissions?
  14. Can I register online?
  15. Do you accept student applicants from other educational systems?
  16. How will I pay the registration fees?
  17. Is the Registration fee refundable?
  18. When do I have to pay the school tuition fees?
  19. Can my child join school late as long I have paid the fees?
  20. What is the school’s policy for refunds of deposits if a child is leaving the school?
  21. Is it possible to sit in a classroom or meet with a teacher, counsellor or the principal while visiting the school?
  22. Is there a school uniform?
  23. Does the school have provision for hot meals and snacks for the students?
  24. Does the school have buses for students?
  25. Does the school offer after school activities?