The second stepping ladder is the Primary Wing comprising of classes I to V. The syllabus is based on CBSE. Lots of activities are inculcated in the co-curriculum along with school curriculum. Students are taught through hi-tech and fervent efforts are put forward to cater to the need of every student. Rote method is totally out of the track. Creativity is encouraged, Lot of weightage is given on the account. Overall development of the personality of the child is the main goal of the wing. Role models of the wing put up strenuous efforts to put light into lights. To teach regularity and punctuality, Primary wing stresses on 100% attendance.
The Primary program (Grades 1-5) emphasizes the basic subjects with a major part of the program directed towards the development of language, writing and arithmetic skills. The program recognizes the need for children to become more aware of the concepts of family, neighbourhood, country and world via a sequential program.

In the Primary program, science and social studies processes and concepts are highlighted as well as integrated with other subject areas in order to help students acquire a full appreciation of the world around them. Children in grades 1 to 5 also receive special instruction in art, physical education, music, dance, cooking, computers, health, swimming, Hindi and Punjabi.

The continuous progress concept enables each child to advance as quickly as she/he can or as slowly as she/he finds necessary, depending only on her/his ability. Various modes of instruction, such as small group instruction, independent study, large group, and one-to-one instruction are provided by teachers to best suit the individual student.

The first and second grade program strengthens and builds upon what was highlighted within the first three years of our early childhood program and emphasizes a more structured approach to teaching the basic subjects. There is a major emphasis on the development of language, writing and arithmetic skills. Science, Social studies and Health are integrated and taught within the curriculum.