About Rayat Bahra Group

Rayat-Bahra Group of institutions is a self financing set up where every institution has board members that comprise representatives of the public, staff, faculty, and students. Overall governance follows a Corporate hierarchical structure with due freedom to perform as per the portfolios assigned to the team of Directors and managers at different levels of organization. Team work, delegation of authority, a sense of ownership and transparency is the hallmark of Rayat-Bahra Group.
The Rayat Bahra Group’s vision is to be one of the India’s largest educational groups. With its world class teaching standards, outstanding faculty and innovative academic programmes, Rayat Bahra Group intends to set a new benchmark in Indian education. In the words of our President, Nirmal Singh Rayat, the Rayat Bahra Group is an organization directed towards “uplifting people” across India and the world. This vision endures in the organization’s philosophy and all the educational management principles that it follows.

Under the leadership of our Chairman, Gurvinder Singh Bahra, the Rayat Bahra Group and its community of intellectuals have created a contoured roadmap for the future—a roadmap that guides the Group, to be a social leader and to earn the respect of a leading knowledge enterprise. At its foundation lie talented people comprising of students, faculty and staff—who with their creativity, ingenuity and drive shall join in advancing human knowledge and to pursue scientific discovery for the benefit of all.

Presently, the Group is successfully running 45 Institutes at its Mohali, Ropar, Hoshiarpur, Patiala, Jammu, Delhi (NCR), Shimla (Bahra University) and London campuses with more than 25000 students and 5500 employess on its rolls. The core values of Rayat-Bahra Group include academic excellence, holistic development of personality, focus on learning and growth, systemic working, creativity and innovation. The Group offers the advantage of high quality education relevant to the global needs which is delivered through an eclectic mix of innovative learning techniques. The Group has also been playing a very sincere and positive role towards “Social Responsibility”.